Back To The Roots

A solid rubber-like handle and colourful bristles...For many years, this description housed the image of a conventional plastic toothbrush for myself and many others!

However, it wasn't until recently that the information overload across all platforms made me realise about the harmful effects of plastic toothbrush on our environment! A change was very much needed! 

With a simple solution advocated on the market, I decided to do my bit and made the switch to an elegant bamboo toothbrush!

Whilst I had undertaken an action in the right direction, the journey did not feel quite complete yet! For every bamboo toothbrush given by nature to make the world better, I was solely taking resources from the environment without giving anything in return. 

Inspired to reciprocate nature's kind gesture of selfless giving, actively make a positive impact on the environment and complete the loop, I realised my big idea, Bamboo Barter! Reinventing the bamboo toothbrush to sprout into a beautiful plant, the aim of Bamboo Barter remains to give back my borrowing to nature in its purest form!

Join the journey to not only put a smile to your face but also make nature smile with you :)

- Rishab, Founder