Why choose Bamboo Barter?

5 reasons to switch from your existing toothbrush

  • One step further

    We’re giving back to the environment, not just reducing plastic waste. You’re giving back to nature by planting a basil or mint plant.

  • Absolutely no plastic

    Our toothbrush handles are bamboo and even our bristles are plastic-free, made from castor oil, no nylon mix. 100% plastic-free!

  • Cost saving with 2 items for 1 price

    You don’t just get a toothbrush, but a plant too AND shipping - all for the price of the average bamboo toothbrush!

  • Grow your plants anywhere

    Our basil and mint plants are suitable for all environments and kids love watching their toothbrush plants grow too!

“An absolutely refreshing take on bamboo toothbrushes!”